Group Training Timetable


Monday – Thursday: 5.30am – 9pm
Friday: 5.30am – 7pm
Saturday: 6am – 3pm
Sunday: 8am – 12pm

Group Training Sessions

Small Group Training Classes
All of our training classes will be led by an accredited Altitude Coach. Before you commence training at Altitude, we require each client to undertake an induction session to ensure you are training as safely and effectively as possible. The induction usually lasts between 15-30 minutes to determine how your body responds in the altitude environment. Our Altitude Coach will give you a detailed explanation of altitude training and how it works, conduct a baseline test, and advise you on the best program to help you achieve your goals. Our small group training classes are a great way to get an efficient targeted workout or you are more than welcome to “freestyle” and come in for a session at a time that suits your schedule. Throughout our classes or even while freestyling, an Altitude Coach is always on hand to check your oxygen saturation levels to ensure you are on target to achieve the greatest adaptions. Get ready to Raise Your Game!
AltiSprint King (or Queen!)
Based on the study Repeat Sprint Training in Hypoxia (Raphael Faiss, Gregoire P Millet, University of Lausanne Feb 2013) we have a program that will have you riding faster than ever before! Your Altitude Coach will guide and motivate you through an intense interval program with repeat sprints to get you fast and fit, smashing the bunch time after time. To see the proven results of this program you should attend twice a week for a minimum of 4 weeks. Sounds tough but we know you will be hooked! This class is advanced level (not for the faint hearted).
The Sufferfest
Get fast with The Sufferfest! Widely known as the most exciting cycling training videos in the world. The Sufferfest has structured high-intensity interval workouts, killer soundtracks, great storylines and the best professional races in the world. Suitable for beginners to professional cyclists.
Your Altitude Coach will guide you through a complete workout at 3,500m altitude. Improve overall fitness with a workout that targets both aerobic & anaerobic systems. Build endurance and increase your cardiovascular fitness, while burning through the calories in this interval based class. AltiCycle is suitable for everyone form beginners to advanced.
Your Altitude Coach will take you to new heights in this total body workout combining cardio and strength training. You will be guided through the circuit stations for increased strength, muscle tone, flexibility and fat burning. Have fun with high intensity, short burst stations with anything from sandbells to TRX, and lots in between.
AltiBody and Tone
Whether your goal is to gain muscle or tone up, strength work at altitude has the potential for greater muscle gains & improvements in total body composition. Your Altitude Coach will lead you through bodyweight movements as well as equipment based strength exercises to help you achieve your individual goal. Combine this with altitude cardio to be your fittest ever.