Just ran my fastest 10km for 11 years. I started training twice a week at Altitude in Brookvale four weeks ago. It’s the only thing I’m doing differently….it has got to be working. THANK YOU
David Fell Triathlete, Runner and Trekking Enthusiast
Altitude training is highly valued at the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles and having Altitude Australia at our doorstep makes theory to application very practical. Lachlan, Gabrielle and the rest of the staff are fantastic with our team and are always attentive to our exact needs. Altitude Australia is constantly up to date with technology and sports specific altitude training programs – ensuring my players get the best results.
Brendan Inkster NRL Manly Sea Eagles (previous) and current Warriors High Performance and Rehab Coach
I started training at Altitude Brookvale in February this year after I competed at Nationals for Road Cycling. One of the biggest benefits I have noticed is in my recovery time when I am racing. As soon as I get 10 seconds to recover my heart rate drops dramatically, much faster than it used to and I am ready to increase the pace again. When training at Altitude, I also regularly use the Hyperbaric Chamber before my big races or when I am feeling a bit tired from a big training block. I always come out feeling refreshed and energised and have had some of my best races after using the Hyperbaric Chamber. I feel so lucky to have these world class training facilities on my door step and have benefited greatly from the advice and support that the staff at Altitude Brookvale have given me.
Lynne Clarke NRS Cyclist
My training at Altitude certainly paid off and thanks for all your help and encouragement. Good luck with your expansion plans it would be terrific to see more gyms like yours around Australia. I’ll certainly be lauding the merits of the Altitude approach!
Phillip King Trekker - summited Mt Kilimanjaro, journalist
As an athlete you search to find as many performance gains as you can, even a small 1% gain can make a huge difference in what we do. In 2014 I came across Altitude Australia on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and to be honest I wasn’t expecting to see much improvements as I was already in peak form. However what we did see was my resting heart rate decrease over a period of 3 months, my average heart rate go from 150bpm to 130bpm whilst running aerobically and my ability to take in more oxygen in anaerobic sessions increased. This might not sounds like much but as a coach and athlete, I was seeing myself recover faster and use less energy in training, resulting in better performance. Altitude Australia is a world class facility, whether you’re training for an endurance event, hiking a mountain, preparing for a cycling event or wanting to drop a few kilos go see the team in Brookvale, I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Matty Abel Ultra Runner
I successfully climbed Mt Kilimanjaro (Uhuru Peak) during my trip to Tanzania in July this year, and I don’t know if I would have made it had it not been for the training I did with your altitude machine including the sleep tent.Thanks again for all your help with assisting me to prepare for my trip.
Andrea Trekker
After 25 years out of this amazing sport of triathlon I decided to slowly get back into. At 54 years old, and over 300 events under my belt including 2 x Kona Ironman and many World Champs, I have seen (and tried) just about everything that will make me faster, fitter, stronger and bloody skinnier. I shuffled around for 12 months doing some 70.3’s and a mate told me about training at altitude. Apart from sleeping on the top bunk, or travelling with the Tour De France, I asked what do I take to be at altitude. He loaned me his altitude machine and then his altitude tent.
If you ever want to have a few nights away from your partner, these tents are the go. So I decided to have a crack. Slept in this bubble and trained on the altitude machine for 1 month. Holy sh*t, this blew me away. Apart from average fitness, I never got tired. I participated in an Olympic distance event and podium-ed for the first time in 30 years. I am training and racing with guys 20 years my youth (and smashing the little buggers).
The decision to by a new bike or an altitude machine was a no-brainer. I now have amazing oxygen levels, amazing recovery, a few kgs lighter (less if I stayed away from choc chip biscuits and red wine) and the best excuse to have a good nights sleep away from my wife.
Thanks Altitude Australia
Mark Emerton CEO - Elite Energy Events, 2 x Kona Ironman, World Championship Triathlete
Wow what an awesome training experience training at Altitude Australia. Working a full-time job and training for the World Ironman Triathlon Championships being held in Kona Hawaii is extremely challenging. Since commencing with Altitude training the oxygen reduced atmosphere has really benefited my heart, lungs and muscles to become more efficient when back on the road in normal conditions. Thanks for the ‘unfair advantage’ especially surviving the cooler & wet winter months. My competitors will all be wondering how did I manage to improve my performance in such a short period of time. The environment, facilities and staff are superb too.
Matt Harris Kona and Australian Age Triathlete Champion, Commentator, Full Time School Teacher
Excellent facilities and super friendly, knowledgeable staff. If you want to get more out of your workouts without spending more time then get to Altitude Training Australia! I’ve been training and competing internationally in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for almost 10 years now and have been through countless conditioning programs, this is legit….I can see the benefit for any fitness level. Give it a go :)
Alex Scott Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach and Competitor
All new equipment, friendly and competent staff. Exceptional facility. They have thought of everything! With each visit I am gaining in confidence that my body will cope with planned MTB tour in Tibet. Experiencing the physical benefits already. Excellent value.
Andrew Forrest Mountain Bike Rider and Traveller