At Altitude if you can’t make it to one of our instructed classes, come anytime and we can put a virtual Sufferfest on for you.

The Sufferfest isn’t just an indoor cycling workout. It’s a gateway to a place unlike anywhere else.

A place where you’ll be challenged to push yourself to the limit, whether you’re an avid cyclist or just looking to get fit. A place where you’ll experience the heart-pumping excitement of real racing. A place where suffering is actually fun. A place called Sufferlandria.The Sufferfest gives you the fitness gains that only structured, high-intensity interval workouts can provide.

Maximum benefit with minimum time.

Every Sufferfest session is designed by world-class coaches, the same people who train professional cyclists and Olympic athletes. This isn’t just a bunch of random efforts thrown together to sync with an instructor’s playlist. This is cutting-edge sports science that gets results. With a huge selection of workouts you’ll be able to find a session that fits your needs, from climbing to sprinting, fat-burning endurance sessions to those that help you build explosive power. If you need a recovery session or don’t feel up to a full dose of suffering there are moderate intensity workouts that help improve your form, efficiency, and technique. Sufferlandria truly has something for everyone.The Sufferfest doesn’t just deliver results, it draws you in.

Exclusively licensed footage puts you in the middle of the world’s biggest professional bike races, including the Tour de France, the Tour of Italy, the World Championships, and more. Each workout has its own engaging story—arch rivals, quirky characters, riders to chase down and thrilling sprints to contest. You’re not just a bystander, you’re in the thick of it. Add a killer soundtrack and you have the most, exciting, enterPAINing indoor cycling experience out there.

On-screen instructions will guide you through every step of the workout, making sure you get the most out of your time in Sufferlandria. Interval countdown timers, cadence targets and recommended effort indicators are all clearly displayed, with audio cues to alert you exactly when to change efforts. It’s like having your own personal cycling coach!